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Adding woodwork in any landscape gives it an extra touch that enhances its beauty several times over. Wooden structures, like arbors, are among the favorites of most homeowners in North Carolina because they have many advantages.

Advantages of Arbors

Arbors These arch-like, skeletal structures are usually made from wood and can be adorned with different vines and flowers. Among their advantages are:

  • Provide shelter. Their simple appearance is the perfect shield from the harsh rays of sunlight without blocking out air. This makes them an ideal spot for taking a rest in between gardening or simply chatting with loved ones.

  • Theme setter. What structure can be easily decorated with plants and flowers for any theme or occasion than arbors? Your landscape will be filled with Christmas spirit with hollies and poinsettias adorning these structures. You can decorate them with pasque flowers and bunny cutouts on Easter for a truly amazing appeal.

  • Landmarks. Wide landscapes can be a bit tricky, especially to guests. With arbors marking entryways to certain spots in your landscape, your guests won’t have a hard time locating where they are and where they would like to go.

  • Safety and convenience. Other than beautifying your landscape, these wooden structures are also effective provisions for safety and convenience. Set them up with pin lights or low voltage lights so that you and your guests won’t need to grope in the dark. They also create a magical nighttime effect that you will truly love.

  • Meditation area. You can add a sitting area where you can quietly meditate to remove stress or contemplate about the day’s events and other important decisions.

The Best Plants for Arbors

Even the correct types of plants and flowers must be considered if you want a beautiful and sturdy arbor. You should avoid heavy vines from climbing it so that it won’t break prematurely. When it comes to the plants, remember to place sun-loving plants in arbors that are installed in sunny areas. The same goes for shade-loving plants.

Arbors You can use just one type of vine for a uniform, classic look or train several types for a more casual appearance. You can also use annual vines like morning glory or sweet peas and perennial vines like clematis, Jasmine, Wisteria, roses, honeysuckle, grapevines, or ivy to give you fragrant walkways that will delight your senses all-year round.

Deal Only With a Reliable Arbor Designer and Installer

We at Slope Solutions & Landscapes design each arbor with beauty, functionality, and durability in mind. Rest assured that nothing but the best materials are used for all our projects. Since landscape structures are always exposed to nature’s elements, arbors should be made only from rot- and weather-resistant wood like cedar, redwood, or cypress. This is to ensure that they will stay strong and durable even under the most extreme temperatures. Our horticulturists, on the other hand, ensure that only the best plants will be placed in these wooden structures.

You can choose from our wide collection of arbor designs or have one customized according to your needs and desires. Call us now and let us make your landscape stand out.