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Boulder Walls

Since the ancient times, walls have been used to fortify cities, fend off invaders, or beautify courtyards, homes, and other areas. And while the typical walls made of brick or concrete are enough as they are, there is still one great way to make a bold statement: boulder walls.

Boulder Walls

Walls: Why Invest on Them?

As mentioned, walls have a lot of practical and aesthetic benefits. These days, it’s already a rarity to see residential and commercial properties that are still surrounded by traditional picket fences. Concrete walls made of various materials are now the norm, especially given the increased need for security and aesthetic appeal.

With well-built walls (especially high-rise ones), properties will be protected against people who plan to make an unauthorized entry. Aside from providing such level of security, walls could also improve the overall beauty of any property. The most common walls are made of traditional materials such as concrete, wood, bricks, concrete blocks, and more. But with almost all walls made of these materials, using a very non-traditional material is sure to turn heads and elicit admiring stares. With boulder walls, such is possible.

Benefits of Boulder Walls

Although they are inherently tricky to install, boulder walls still provide some wonderful practical and aesthetic benefits. When put together, these benefits are enough to make boulders viable options against traditional wall materials.

Specifically, these are the benefits that you could expect from walls made of boulders:

  • Design flexibility. The great thing about boulder walls is that you can actually choose the type of stone to use. Among the possible options include bluestone, basalt, travertine, granite, marble, slate, sandstone, and many others. While the natural shapes and sizes of these stones are already good, we can still reshape them a bit to better suit the theme or design that you have in mind. They can be used as garden accents, sitting walls, and even as part of waterfalls, ponds, and other water features.

  • Durability. Natural stones are some of the most durable materials you can possibly have for your landscape improvement project. In fact, they could last a lifetime without requiring any repair at all.

  • Aesthetic boost. With the naturalistic appeal of boulder walls, they are highly sought-after for the aesthetic benefits that they can provide. The wide variety of natural stones that can be used as boulders means that you can achieve a definite look that will best complement your existing landscape theme.

Boulder Walls

Our Advantages

When you hire us, you can be sure that these boulder walls will be built by expert masons to ensure utmost structural integrity. With the use of appropriate tools, solid foundation, careful installation, and sensible design, we can guarantee you positive results. Whether it is for perimeter walls or retaining walls, our boulder creations will surely delight and amaze you.

For more details on how we can create exceptional walls for your property, please drop by our office at Morganton, NC. You could also call us for faster response on your specific concerns.

Contact us today and let us make your property stand out with our stunning boulder walls.