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Erosion Control

In Morganton and throughout North Carolina, erosion control is vital. Monsoon rains often come in torrents, and when rainwater is not properly directed, it can lead to serious soil erosion problems. If not properly addressed, soil erosion can result to serious damages to your landscape or property.

Erosion Control Fortunately, there’s Slope Solutions & Landscapes. We are North Carolina’s leading erosion control specialists. Having resolved countless types of erosion issues, we have the knowledge, the equipment, the technology, and the manpower to properly resolve soil erosion problems in your property.

Resolving Soil Erosion Problems

Every landscape condition is unique, and so it is important to talk with experienced professionals like us. We are experienced in developing erosion control solutions customized to your specific needs and yard conditions. Whether you need to hold back dirt or an entire hill, we can sure extend professional help.

Our company has also developed a variety of erosion control systems for every type of landscape applications and situations across North Carolina. No one knows best how to protect you and your property but us.

Erosion Control Methods

Erosion control methods are essential to protecting one’s landscape. These methods usually involve the creation of physical barrier such as rock or vegetation to prevent soil or earth from being worn away by water or wind.

At Slope Solutions & Landscapes, we offer different erosion control services including:

Erosion Control
  • Retaining walls. Retaining walls are effective in holding back soil that is eroding away. Our specialists will carefully build the retaining walls to make sure that they will effectively control soil and water. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may build a drainage system to redirect and drain off subsurface water and lessen pressure on the wall.

  • Hydroseeding. Adding vegetation is not only a great way of stabilizing the ground, but also a cost-effective way of boosting the aesthetics of your yard. This involves spraying seed on the area then covering it with mulch mat to encourage quick seed growth. Our hydroseeding process can turn your bare ground into a grassy lawn in just a few weeks.

  • Drainage systems. If poor drainage is the cause of erosion problem in your yard, then we can introduce a drainage system to collect and re-direct water flow. Two of the most effective methods used to eliminate excessive moisture are catch basins and French drains.

  • Plants. Vegetation is the best way to prevent soil erosion because roots help stabilize the soil. Incidentally, we at Slope Solutions & Landscapes have knowledge and access to plants that excel at controlling slopes.

North Carolina’s Premier Erosion Control Specialists

Slope Solutions & Landscapes has been developing and installing various slope stabilization and erosion control systems for residential and commercial clients for many years. We know what it takes to improve your yard and protect your property from soil and water runoff. To make sure that we properly address the needs of the client as well as the conditions at the site, we conduct a site visit. We also take into account local laws, state, and federal regulations when building these systems to guarantee that they will last for decades.

Do you have any erosion problem in your property? Contact us immediately and we will gladly help you in resolving your soil erosion issues.