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Grading Services, Morganton, NC Grading helps create the foundation for your landscape. Professional grading helps you benefit from the optimal potential of your landscape and prevent drainage issues. Landscape grading involves leveling or sculpting the land to prepare for certain elements. The types of elements can include planting beds, grass, patios, driveways, stairs, driveways, and pathways among others. It is also used to slope the land and channel the water flow away from your building. Grading also helps prevent land erosion.

We at Slope Solutions & Landscape are your one-stop-shop landscaping and hardscaping company that also provides grading services. Our experienced and skilled crew caters to both residential and commercial grading needs in Morganton, NC, Hickory, Salem, Petersburg, Spruce Pine, and other nearby cities and towns.

Our Grading Service

We begin by removing the topsoil to sculpt the underlying land to the required level and slope. If the project requires the installation of irrigation lines, we will do it at this stage. We will also lay down geogrid or meshing in place to keep the soil in place. This will help the plants and grass to establish their roots more readily.

Once this stage is over, we will add the topsoil back. The final grading ensures that the newly graded level meets the initial specifications, is smooth, and level.

Why Professional Grading?

Landscape grading is a task that is best left to the professionals. DIY projects increase the risk of improper grading, which can be a costly and damaging mistake in the long-term. There is a science to grading, something that can be covered comprehensively only by professionals.

  • We can determine whether your ground is even or not and the condition of your drainage.
  • Our experienced crew will then remove the topsoil to shape the underlying ground.
  • Once the plants or grass start developing their roots, we will add the topsoil back.
  • Everything is smoothed out to ensure it is level.

When redesigning softscapes, it is easy to overlook landscape grading. It is an essential first step in any landscape grading process and must be done right the first time.

Benefits of Proper Grading

Our grading services can also help enhance your property in several ways.

  • When you have more level surfaces on your property, it allows you to engage in outdoor activities and play.
  • It helps create defined edges between outdoor spaces. The minor difference in elevation between different spaces helps create a sense of distinct spaces.
  • You can gain better privacy or screen-off undesirable views. For example, you can have a flat area of land created or install plant material.

Professional grading also prevents water pooling on your property. Water pools in certain areas can cause waterlogging that can damage the landscaping in the long-term. Standing water can also create mosquito breeding grounds.

We at Slope Solutions & Landscape provide total grading services for all types of residential and commercial projects. You can choose our grading services as part of our landscaping or hardscaping services or as an independent service. For more information about our services or a free consultation or estimate, please give us a call at 828-443-0506. You may also write to us using this Online Form.