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Hydro Seeding and Mulching

Slope Solutions & Landscapes is North Carolina’s premier landscaping contractor that can provide top notch hydro seeding and mulching services. These two highly specialized services require expertise and modern tools and equipment for successful results, and we have what it takes to handle them with ease.

Advantages of Hydro seeding

Hydro Seeding and Mulching Hydro seeding is a method used for installing turf in your lawn or landscape. It uses a slurry mixture composed of water, grass seed, fertilizer, and fiber mulch to specific areas of a landscape where turf is desired.

These days, more and more North Carolina home- and commercial property owners prefer this method over other means of growing turf due to the following reasons:

  • Economy. Hydro seeding costs a lot less than both sodding and hand planting. Apparently, farmers have to charge more for sod to cover all the expenses incurred—grass seeds, fertilizer, mulch, water and pesticides. Meanwhile, hand planting involves costly manpower, involving twice the number of workers than you would need for the seeding method.

  • Quality. Since they grow directly from your soil, grasses that come from hydro seeding are healthier, greener, and don’t have soil incompatibility problems.

  • Erosion control. Like other plants, seeded grass also holds on to the soil, preventing erosion. A healthy turf has a denser root system which effectively holds the soil underneath.

  • Customization. With this method, you can choose the grass species you want to grow in certain areas of your landscape.

  • Versatility. Another benefit of hydro seeding is that it can cover areas which other methods could not such as slopes and hard to reach areas.

Advantages of Wood Mulching

When it comes to mulching, we at Slope Solutions & Landscapes prefer to use termite-resistant wood like cedar, redwood, and cypress because of these reasons:

  • It prevents water evaporation. The use of mulches will be more economical for you in the long run since it cuts down your landscape’s watering needs by half.

  • It prevents soil compaction. Loose soil encourages the growth of healthy plants and turf as opposed to compacted soil.

  • It controls temperature. Unlike rubber and stone mulches, wood mulches do not heat up during very hot days, hence ensuring the health of your plants all-year round.

  • It keeps weeds from growing. Mulching results to a healthy turf which has a dense root system. It then prevents weeds from growing uncontrollably.

Hydro Seeding and Mulching

We Create Healthy and Lush Landscapes

Picture yourself running around a lush and healthy lawn with your kids. The exercise is good, but the precious moments you share with them are even better. Or just imagine yourself sitting on the grass as you inhale its sweet scent; that would be very beneficial to your mind and body.

We at Slope Solutions & Landscapes have everything needed to provide you with a healthy, green turf that would give you endless delight and enjoyment. We have a horticulturist who can recommend the best grass types that would thrive well in your area. As for our seeds and mulching materials, rest assured that we only get them from the most reputable suppliers in the country.

No job is too small or too big for us. We can work on small residential gardens or huge commercial landscapes because we have the latest hydro seeding and mulching tools and equipment. These are operated by our highly capable and well-experienced workers who know which parts of your landscape need more coverage.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of hydro seeding and mulching, call us now.