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Slope Solutions & Landscapes is one of the top contractors in North Carolina when it comes to landscape irrigation projects. We have been providing top quality designs and top notch services in Morganton area and other neighboring cities.


Landscape Irrigation

Landscape irrigation is used to maintain landscape turf and plants. It is used to ensure that water is spread evenly and regularly throughout your lawn or landscape. We consider your topographical location and other contributing factors in designing the desired or custom water system for your landscape. Our expertise also includes choosing the best type of plants for your garden and lawn. We also consider local regulations for a hassle-free and environmental-compliant project output.

Benefits of Efficient Irrigation System

Aside from the usual lawn care and maintenance, landscape irrigation is also needed because of its important functions in the landscape. Here is a rundown of some associated benefits with an efficient water supply installation:

  • Overall appeal. Properly installed sprinklers help enhance your garden’s overall appeal. The radiant shape of water jets instantly adds artistic water element in your garden and lawns.

  • Time- and money-saver. It cuts the time spent on manually watering your lawn. Our watering system uses sensors and timers so you will save money in the long run. Every drop of water is used only when it is needed.

  • Water saver. It helps conserve water by providing just the right amount of water at any given situation. Smart system can be used for zoning watering where it can be adjusted for plants that require higher water volume and for plants with lower water requirements separately.

  • Promotes growth and healthy greenery. No over watering. No drought. It provides ideal growth conditions for your flowers and other garden plants.

Properly installed watering system also allows water to be distributed to areas that need water the most. By directing water jets to planted areas, it limits water supply to weed zone, thus promoting plant growth while suppressing weed from growing.

Types of Landscape Irrigation We Provide

Irrigation Although there are many types of landscape irrigation systems in the market today, we only install two of the most cost-effective system. These two are the following:

  • Drip System. The most efficient watering system for residential landscapes. Water is applied directly to the root zone of the plants. Drip system can be installed overhead or buried in trenches covered by mulching materials. It consists of special piping with emitters and flow control, which can also be controlled with timers.

  • Underground Watering System. It is one of the most popular in landscape irrigation. This system uses motorized pop-up sprinkler heads and timer controls. The system is widely used and popular for its iridescent water jets and fans.

We also provide premium materials for both systems—from premium quality piping lines, emitters, controllers, and pumps.

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Our goal is to achieve and provide high quality products for our clients. Excellent customer service is also one of our priorities. Our well trained and highly skilled personnel are capable of accomplishing projects that meet your requirements.

If you are from Hickory, Morganton, Salem, Petersburg, Asheville, Valdese, Magnolia, or Spruce Pine in North Carolina, feel free to contact us. We offer free estimate on your landscape irrigation projects. We look forward to make you one of our satisfied clients.