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Landscape Design

Fact: a great landscape will not be possible if there is no great design. Landscape design is the blueprint from which the entire landscape is shaped and constructed. Everything—from the position of the hardscapes to the types of plants that must be installed—depends on the general design plan for a landscaping project. Without any concrete design plan, it could be a disaster on the part of the builder and the property owner.

Landscape Design At Slope Solutions & Landscapes, we provide professional landscape design services for owners of residential properties and commercial establishments. Whether you’re from Hickory, Lenoir, Valdese, Salem, Marion, and other neighboring North Carolina areas, we can surely reach you and offer our expert services. Contact us today for more details.

Our Landscape Design Process

Our company follows a very definite process whenever we handle a landscape design task. We always begin by conducting a meeting with our client. There, we list down every specific design requirement that the client needs. We then personally inspect the client’s property to have a general idea of our working space and to determine potential issues.

Once we’ve gathered enough details, our designers prepare a rough design plan and present it to the client for approval. Here, we give the client leeway to point out changes or to suggest some design additions. Afterwards, we prepare another plan with all the changes or additions carefully factored in. Once our client approves the final plan, the construction phase begins.

Using modern design tools and software, our team of creative designers are able to accurately translate our client’s design requirements into full-color and even 3D images. This way, we help our clients visualize the actual look and feel of the landscape once the project is completed.

Landscape Design Meanwhile, because of the design revisions that we offer, we are able to address even the smallest issues and make the necessary changes accordingly to satisfy our clients. This careful attention to details is one thing that separates us from other landscape design companies operating in the state.

Our designers also know that any landscape element can be incorporated in the design as long as it will complement other elements. They know how to perfectly combine hardscapes, softscapes, and other landscaping elements so that they create a harmonious look and feel.

Impressive Landscape Designs

With decades of experience, a solid track record, skilled manpower, and complete design tools and equipment, we at Slope Solutions & Landscapes are at the forefront of landscape design in the state of North Carolina.

While there are a lot of landscaping companies across the state providing professional landscape design services, we separate ourselves by ensuring that our work follows industry’s best practices. From start to finish, we guarantee to involve our clients so they will know exactly where we are at. We also ensure that our design seamlessly fuses form, function, and safety for a truly holistic approach. Lastly, we offer our services at very friendly rates so we can help as many property owners as possible.

Whether you want to develop your residential property or you wish to enhance your business establishment’s appeal, our team of top notch landscape designers will be at your beck and call. Contact us right now.