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Landscape installation

It is not enough to make the indoors beautiful and comfortable. Extending your enjoyment outdoors can be equally important. The best way to make it more pleasant and functional is through landscape installation. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right landscape contractor to ensure you get the benefits of having a well-landscaped outdoors.

Landscape installation

Landscape Installation Jobs that We Do

At Slope Solutions & Landscapes, we consider various elements when doing landscape installation projects. We make sure that our team of creative designers and skillful builders has everything needed to handle the tasks involved, such as installation of:

  • Garden plants – Trees, flowers, groundcovers, lawn grasses, shrubs, pond plants, and more are essentially required in any landscape. Our horticulturists ensure that all the plants you want in your garden are ideal for the kind of climate we have and would come only from the most reputable nurseries within the state. Every single plant will be chosen and planted with the intention of making the landscape more visually appealing.

  • Landscape structures – Walkways, decks, seating elements, fire pits, fireplaces, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, arbors, pergolas, and many others create a solid balance with unmatched beauty and function in any landscape. Our team of builders can provide structurally sound hardscape elements for you based on your preferences.

  • Outdoor lighting – For that extra drama at night, for safety, and for highlighting certain areas in a landscape, we install various outdoor lights to enhance the beauty of your property when darkness sets in.

We Always Try to Exceed Your Expectations

From the design up to the completion of all the landscape elements, we guarantee a high degree of professionalism and quality work that you wouldn’t find in other contractors in the state. In fact, after the landscape installation, we make sure that all areas are clean and that wastes were disposed properly. It is not enough that all the landscape elements are finished and ready to be enjoyed; the surrounding areas must also be free from any mess that resulted from the installation.

Landscape installation Moreover, each project that we handle is customized according to what would work best for you and your available outdoor space.

Reliable Landscape Installation Company in NC

We at Slope Solutions & Landscapes take pride in our experience in the field of landscaping. We have serviced various clients from all over the state and we are proud to say that all of them have provided satisfactory feedback on our performance and work results. We believe that a properly executed landscape installation will not only benefit the homeowners but also their families and friends.

Looking for the experts in landscape installation? Look no further. Slope Solutions & Landscapes is always available to serve clients from Hickory, Magnolia, Salem, and other areas within the state of North Carolina. Call us during our convenient business hours or if you feel like discussing all the details of the landscaping project personally, you are most welcome to visit our office at Morganton.

At Slope Solutions & Landscapes, we will make your dream landscape come true.