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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape MaintenanceEvery property owner dreams of an outdoors that is refreshing and relaxing, made possible by verdant greens and attractive plantings. But even a newly created landscape won’t last for a month or two still looking gorgeous without proper landscape maintenance. And knowing the amount of money involved in creating a stunning landscape in the first place, property owners like you should do the right thing and hire a reliable landscaping company to provide your needed maintenance help.

At Slope Solutions & Landscape, we provide first-rate landscape maintenance services, such as trimming, mowing, hedging, gutter cleaning, spraying, yearly mulching, and seasonal flowers. Since we began operations, we have made our clients’ properties look much more appealing and inviting by performing efficient and professional maintenance tasks like the ones mentioned. With us, you can look forward to a stunning outdoors no matter what the time of year.

If you are in North Carolina, contact us soon and let us work wonders for your prized landscape.

Professionally Handled Landscape Maintenance Services

While landscape maintenance tasks may seem easy to perform, they are actually harder than they appear to be. Mowing, for example, requires intimate knowledge of the different grass species, the recommended mowing height, and mowing frequency to achieve positive results. In the hands of an inexperienced mower, this specific maintenance task can be disastrous instead of beneficial.

Our company provides these landscape maintenance services:

  • Trimming. Shrubs and trees need to be trimmed regularly to keep them in great shape or to remove potential risks, such as branches falling and hitting people or damaging structures.

  • Mowing. Specific types of grass (cold season and dry season grasses) must be trimmed to an ideal height and during specific time frame to ensure optimum growth and health. We have the experience and skilled manpower to handle this special task with ease.

  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Hedging. Hedges can serve both functional and decorative benefits, and we have the right tools to create stunning hedges around gardens and lawns.

  • Spraying. We can apply pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals meant to curb weed growth or insect infestations. We only use organic solutions whenever possible to prevent negative effects on humans and the environment.

  • Mulching. Mulches can provide much needed aesthetic boost and protection to plants. They also inhibit weed growth and moderate fluctuation of the soil’s temperature, which can have negative effects on plants.

  • Seasonal flowers. We have expert personnel who can plant seasonal flowers to keep your landscape looking great at any given season.

  • Gutter cleaning. We can perform gutter cleaning on a regular basis to ensure that your rain gutters will not clog or suffer damages come rainy days and nights.

Aside from these, we can also perform other landscape maintenance tasks, such as seeding and sodding, pruning, fertilization, leaf and snow removal, and the like. Just tell us your needed maintenance assistance, and we will provide it to you.

Trust Only in the Landscape Maintenance Experts

Landscape MaintenanceAs landscaping experts, we possess deep understanding of all the time-tested methods that the rest in the industry follows. We always ensure that we perform our work according to clients’ expectations. Our skilled personnel are the best in their respective crafts, and they have unmatched dedication to their handled projects. With us, you can also look forward to a low service rate as compared to the prevailing rates charged by others in the landscape maintenance industry.

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