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Landscape Renovation

When people hear the word renovation, the first thing that almost instantly comes to mind is home renovation. As it is, very few property owners are aware that there are such a thing is landscape renovations, which probably explains why some residential and commercial properties across North Carolina are lacking appeal.

At Slope Solutions & Landscapes, we accept projects involving the reshaping and rebuilding of an entire landscape. We are among the very few landscaping companies in the country offering such specialized renovation services. If you think your property needs a new and improved look, just call us and we will bring our expertise to provide your desired outcomes.

Landscape Renovation

Why Renovate Your Landscape?

There are several good reasons why property owners should have landscape renovations job, including:

  • Reworked softscapes. If you have overgrown shrubs and trees, a renovation is already in order. By carefully trimming and pruning overgrown softscapes, we can effectively enhance their beauty and prevent accidents from happening. Additionally, we can uproot them when possible and replace them where they will add to the beauty of the landscape.

  • Improved landscape design. Are you tired of looking at your unattractive old landscape design? Is the existing landscape theme not in harmony with your home's architecture? Whichever of these may be applicable, a thorough renovation job is guaranteed to breathe a new life into your landscape and turn it into a better-looking and more functional one.

  • Bigger driveways. If your existing driveway is too narrow for comfort, then a widening project is advised. But aside from having a wider and bigger driveway, we will also make your driveway stunning by using premium materials such as interlocking pavers. These driveway materials are not only sturdy, but also highly attractive given the many designs available.

  • Improved water features. By removing old water features and adding new ones, we can provide you better outdoor amenities that will make your stay more comfortable and relaxing. Among the amenities that we can add are Jacuzzi, ponds, infinity pools, decks, and more.

Our Landscape Renovation Process

Before we proceed with landscape renovations, we first conduct careful planning to ensure that the clients’ needs and wants are followed. We take note of their design preferences and carefully incorporate them with our design and renovation plan. These are critical factors since there will be major changes in the landscape. By having a well-thought out plan, we can avoid messy repairs and removal of structures, improper touch-ups of existing structures, and similar problems.

Landscape Renovation Through our skilled manpower, appropriate equipment and tools, and premium landscaping materials, we can work on any landscape renovation project for residential, commercial, or public places such as parks, playgrounds, and the like. Our people are trained to work on even the most challenging renovation tasks by carefully analyzing potential risks and by making the needed safety adjustments. This is your assurance that you and your family or guests will not encounter any accident while they are inside your premises.

Lastly, we ensure that your landscape will look every inch a stunning piece of real estate so it won’t just enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal, but also increase its market value. Overall, we can guarantee you a landscape renovation job that you will be extremely pleased with.

If you wish to know more about our offered landscape renovations services, please don’t hesitate to call us or drop by our Morganton, NC office to personally discuss your specific concerns with our friendly staff.