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Lights are definitely important features of any property; be it a home, a restaurant, a mall, a commercial parking lot, and many others. Without lighting, it would be utterly impossible to move around safely and easily. In fact, it’s unimaginable to live in a world that is covered in total darkness.

Lighting At Slope Solutions & Landscapes, we provide professional lighting services to commercial property owners and typical North Carolina residents. We can install various fixtures that will not only make your property safe to spend time at during nighttime, but also enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Lighting Types that We Install

As mentioned, we install different types of lighting depending on our clients’ particular needs. We specialize in outdoor lighting solutions that help provide a great deal of safety for property occupants from dusk till dawn.

Specifically, these are the lighting types that we can install:

  • Downlight. This type is primarily installed to fend off potential burglars and trespassers, and to light up large areas. Downlights emit very bright lights and are positioned in such a way that the lights illuminate in a downward manner. They are perfect for parking lots, perimeter fences, and other areas where a great deal of illumination is required.

  • Pathlight. This type of fixture is used to illuminate pathways, driveways, and walkways for safety and convenience. With pathlights, you can conveniently stroll around your property without the fear of accidentally tripping over something along the way.

  • Uplight. The exact opposite of downlights, uplights are used to accentuate certain structures and softscapes, including patios, gazebos, and trees. When placed correctly, uplights can effectively create focal points that will surely mesmerize onlookers.

  • Backlight. Backlights are considered accent lights and are typically positioned behind certain elements like vases, plants, trees, and anything that can create dramatic appeal.

We can install these fixtures in your property with superior results. As we’ve done so many times before, we can achieve a highly customized appeal that will make your outdoors an extension of your personality and dramatically boost its overall beauty.


Why Hire Us?

When it comes to landscape lighting or outdoor lighting, no company does it better than Slope Solutions & Landscapes. With our several partners for our lighting fixtures, we are able to give our clients several options: from classic, contemporary, to modern designs. These fixtures are guaranteed to be of highest quality because we only get our materials from trusted industry suppliers.

Aside from the types already mentioned, our clients can also opt for low voltage lights for optimum energy savings. When you hire us, you’re guaranteed to have fixtures that are installed by our certified technicians who have proper training and experience in safely and correctly installing every lighting fixture imaginable. They could also achieve your desired effect by simply positioning the fixtures. Whether you want to create a dramatic effect or you fancy a grandiose look instead, we promise to deliver your desired outcome.

Whether you’re from Petersburg, Lenoir, Salem, Marion or Valdese, rest assured that we can reach you and give you the lighting services that you need. With our professional help, you can have the stunning look and safety features that will make your property stand out.