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Pools/Hot Tubs

Water features are considered must-haves in residential and select commercial properties such as hotels, spas, and the like. And here at Morganton and nearby North Carolina cities, Slope Solutions & Landscapes is the perfect contractor to hire for projects involving the design and creation of pools and hot tubs. With our long years of experience in the landscaping industry, we can guarantee you one-of-a-kind water features that will bring out the best of your property.

Pools/Hot Tubs

Types of Pools We Create

Pools are probably the first things that come to mind when water feature is mentioned, which is not surprising, given their popularity among owners of residential properties and business establishments. Accordingly, our company provides first-rate pool design and installation services to property owners across North Carolina. Specifically, these are the types of pools that we can create:

  • Lap pool. This type is one of the most preferred swimming pools. This is because they are highly ideal for those who wish to exercise and practice their swimming skills. A lap pool is generally constructed in a straight and narrow shape and doesn’t take much space.

  • Infinity. An infinity pool creates an impression of being connected to the horizon when viewed from a certain angle. This surreal effect is what fascinates a lot of property owners, hence the increasing popularity of this pool type. In fact, a lot of residential properties, resorts, and even high-rise buildings have an infinity pool where guests can swim and relax with the horizon seemingly just within reach.

  • Fiberglass. A fiberglass pool is considered a very cheap alternative to all other expensive pool types. The good thing about it is that it can be bought as a pre-made unit and then installed once the proper preparations are done.

  • Gunite. This type of pool is probably the most in-demand in the US today. This is not surprising given the proven sturdiness of a gunite pool. The various possible finishes, such as plaster, tiles, aggregates, fiberglass, and the like, also means that it’s possible to achieve your desired look.

Total Relaxation with our Hot Tubs

Pools/Hot Tubs Hot tubs are arguably great additions to any property, be it residential or commercial. They are sometimes referred to as spa or Jacuzzi, and are known to provide therapeutic effect. The hot water emanating from vents and jets around the tub’s frame is what massages and relaxes aching muscles.

Hot tubs can also come in different types based on the material used: acrylic, wood, cement, or vinyl. They can be constructed in-ground or above-ground like swimming pools, and can accommodate up to 10 persons or more, depending on their size.

They can come with various accessories such as a wine cooler or a fire pit nearby. Our company specifically provides such add-ons to enhance the comfort of our clients. If you have a particular amenity that you want included in your hot tub, please feel free to tell us and we’ll accommodate you. We can also install pre-built hot tubs or customize one depending on your budget or preferences.

Exceptional Pools and Hot Tubs from Us

If you want to have absolutely stunning, durable, and functional pools and hot tubs to be built in your property, just call us. Whether you’re in Hickory, Drexel, Magnolia, or nearby cities in Morganton, we can surely reach you and build you the water feature of your choice.

Contact us today and let us build you the best pools and hot tubs possible.