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Landscape & Hardscape Services

Landscape Services, Morganton, NC We at Slope Solutions & Landscape offer total landscaping services in Morganton, NC, and the surrounding areas. With decades of combined experience in the industry, we have specialist crews for different areas of softscaping and hardscaping services. Explore the range of services we offer to residential and commercial clients in the region.

Pools/Hot Tubs

We offer design and installation services for different types of pools and hot tubs. When it comes to pools, we can install the popular lap pools, horizon-kissing infinity pools, affordable fiberglass pools, and sturdy gunite pools. Whatever your design ideas and functionality goals, we can transform them into reality with customized pool designs. Hot tubs make big-time additions to any home. Along with pools, hot tubs are among the most sought-after features for potential homebuyers. We install all the different types of spas made of vinyl, wood, acrylic, and cement. Whether you need in-ground or above-ground pools, we have you covered with our expert services. Read More About Pools/Hot Tubs »


Well-planned and professionally laid outdoor lighting can create a magical effect, bringing your landscape and building to life. Every landscape is different, and we design and install custom lighting to accentuate your features including plantscapes, hardscapes, and building. We create all lighting layouts addressing safety, security, and aesthetic requirements. We design and install energy-efficient and LED lighting in different modes and styles including downlight, uplight, pathlight, and backlight, among others. Our experienced lighting crew will sit with you to discuss your unique needs and preferences before creating the layout and plan. We use only superior quality products that deliver superior results and last long. Read More About Lighting »

Outdoor Kitchen

We design and build outdoor kitchens that create more space for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. Our experience in hardscaping solutions allows us to create outdoor kitchens that can be used all-year round. Entertain your guests and spend quality time with family while enjoying great food in the fresh air outside. We can include features and amenities including countertops, prep sinks, bar, stovetops, pizza ovens, range hood, refrigerators, and other appliances you may need. Water and fire features and audio/video systems can also be installed to up the wow-factor. You can have a custom-designed outdoor kitchen that you can always take pride in and boosts your home’s value. Read More About Outdoor Kitchen »


When designed and constructed well, arbors can bring to life any garden or plantscape. As a full-service landscaping company, we also design and install arbors in wood and other materials to create structures for adoring your favorite vines and flowers. Whatever your goals, we can transform your ideas into reality by creating arbors that offer shelter, set an outdoor décor theme, and create areas for meditation and relaxation. Do you have a wide landscape? Our experts can plan and install arbors marking entryways or centerpieces that give your guests a fairly good idea of where they are and where they should head to. We can also install outdoor lighting on these structures to increase safety and convenience in your landscape. Read More About Arbors »

Landscape Renovation

We provide landscape renovation services for all kinds of reasons. Do you have overgrown softscapes that need a manicured look? Do you need to update your landscape’s design because it looks dated, or you want a new theme? We can help. Whether you need to increase the driveway space, update the water features, or achieve something else, we can take care of the planning, design, and installation job. Our landscaping experts will consider your goals, needs, and design preferences to create your renovation plan. We strive to minimize the removal of existing structures to complete your project with optimal efficiency. We work on residential, commercial, and public place renovation projects. Read More About Landscape Renovation »

Boulder Walls

We design and build boulder walls that enhance your property’s security and overall beauty. Boulder is an ancient, but non-conventional wall material, making it unique for your home. Besides their aesthetic benefits, these walls can last for a lifetime or more. Given the complexity in installing them, we are among the very few boulder wall installers in the region having years of experience with them. You can choose any type of stone ranging from bluestone to granite to travertine to marble sandstone and basalt. We can also re-shape the stone sizes and shapes to match your design and theme requirements. Our experienced masons can build boulder walls with optimal structural integrity. Read More About Boulder Walls »


When it comes to paver installation projects, we are among the top choice in Morganton, NC. No project is too big or too small for us. We use a premium and elegant collection of interlocking concrete pavers to complete different types of projects. We can install walkways to create a beautiful path between your driveway and front door. We install paver patios that create customized outdoor living space and enhance backyards. Our paver sidewalks can enhance your home’s curb appeal. The combination of our expertise and top-quality products helps us install features that last for decades and require minimal maintenance. Read More About Pavers »

Outdoor Living

We design and install all the different types of outdoor features that help you create the perfect outdoor living space. We install innovative water features, fire pits, fire tables, fireplaces, bar/grill islands, pillars, planters, brick ovens, and many other features to complete the looks and functional aspects you desire. Besides designing and building structures from the ground up, we also install pre-built modular hardscape features. Our expert designers, masons, and craftsmen work together to build your features and have them shipped to the site. We have the experience and efficient processes in place to ensure that your project is completed quickly while keeping the mess to the minimum. Read More About Outdoor Living »


Even the most beautifully designed landscape cannot thrive without proper irrigation solutions. Our irrigation experts will consider your topographical location and several other factors to design a custom system. Our landscaping experience makes it easier for us to evaluate the proper watering solutions for the kind and scale of turf and softscapes you have. We install efficient irrigation systems that help increase your landscape’s overall appeal, save time, and water, and promote healthier greenery and growth. Whether the drip system or underground watering system is suited for your landscape, we can install the right one to meet your turf and garden’s unique requirements. We also use top-quality materials for the systems. Read More About Irrigation »

Hydro Seeding and Mulching

Hydro seeding and mulching are specialized landscaping services. We have the right expertise and equipment required to complete them effectively and efficiently. Our hydro seeding services help you enjoy the optimal benefits of the process. We make the process cost-effective, saving you much more than choosing sodding and hand planting. Our experience and expertise help you get grasses that are greener, healthier, and soil compatible. We use quality mulch comprising of termite-resistant wood including redwood, cedar, and cypress. We apply mulches that prevent soil compaction, control soil temperature, prevent weeds growth, and do much more. Read More About Hydro Seeding and Mulching »

Erosion Control

Erosion control is a serious concern in Morganton and the surrounding areas. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment required to address your property’s unique soil erosion problems. We understand that every landscape has a unique design and condition and requires custom solutions. From holding back, a hill to dirt, we can create customized solutions to your problems. Some of the features and elements that we design, install, and apply as part of the solution include retaining walls, drainage systems, hydroseeding, and plantings. Thus, in helping you overcome your erosion problem, we also enhance your property’s aesthetic and functional aspects. Read More About Erosion Control »

Stone Work

When it comes to stone work projects on your property, you desire elegance, durability, and longevity. We deliver on all these parameters with our skills, experience, and access to the latest equipment. Our stone work experts install all types of structures that enhance your landscape, including driveways, walkways, decks, patios, sitting walls, gazebos, retaining walls, and sitting walls. Besides, we also install stone veneers. Our experienced stone masons and designers will work on your project in tandem to create the perfect masterpieces you can cherish forever. We use premium materials supplied by reputed partners. We offer our stone work services for residential and commercial projects where there is a need for beauty and functional aspects. Read More About Stone Work »

Entry Ways

Your property’s entry way has a big role to play in its curb appeal. It should be designed to provide cues about the design and style elements inside. We design and create entryways that make a great first impression and add value to your property. Our design team will work with you to consider your design options and materials before our skilled installation team will complete the project. We will also inspect your home interiors and existing landscape themes to make design and material suggestions. We work with stone pavers, bluestone, granite, sandstone, slate, travertine, and various other natural stones for entryways. Read More About Entry Ways »

Gate Systems

We install top-quality, custom gate systems to increase your property’s security and beauty. Our skilled experts can design gates that beautify your property and add a greater level of convenience. We work with swinging gates, automated gates, sliding gates, and pedestrian gates. Our gate specialists will consider your property’s design and style factors and your unique requirements when creating the design. Our crew has the experience, training, and equipment required to install the most complex automated gate systems that exist. Whether you prefer aluminum, wrought iron, steel, or wood, we can create your gates based on your personal preferences. Read More About Gate Systems »

Excavator Services

We provide excavation services for all types of landscaping projects ranging from laying down a foundation to installing landscape features. We offer professional and reliable excavator services. Our decades of combined experience in residential and commercial excavation services allow us to complete your job in a hassle-free way. Our experienced professionals have specialized experience in completing jobs related to all types of landscaping projects. Our crew is regularly undergoing training in keeping up to date with the latest techniques, equipment, and trends in excavation. The fact that we are a full-service landscaping company, gives us unique advantages when providing excavation services. Read More About Excavator Services »

Stream Restoration

Stream restoration is a task that must be handled only by a specialized and experienced crew. If you have a stream on your property or running along it, we can help you take the right steps to prevent it from degrading or eroding the banks further. We have the expertise to complete the task to deliver reliable results. Besides, our services can also help increase your property’s value, protect the habitat, and keep your property safe and protected against any potential damage from erosion. Some of the steps we can take include riprapping, tree and plant planting, log jamming, stormwater management, and more. Read More About Stream Restoration »

Landscape Design

A well-thought-out and well-planned design is the foundation of any successful landscape. Our experienced and qualified crew comprising of designers, softscapers, and hardscapers will work with you to create the perfect design to transform your landscape to your ideas and expectations. From the choice of plants to the hardscape features to their layout, everything can be covered in our design services. A design plan is finalized after going through multiple reviews and changes. We use the latest tools and software applications to bring accuracy and effective visualization into the process. The attention to detail that we bring to our services, plays a big role in achieving complete customer satisfaction. Read More About Landscape Design »

Landscape Installation

We are a full-service landscape installation company that specializes in both softscaping and hardscaping installations. Our services help make your landscape beautiful, more practical, and create comfortable outdoor living areas. Our experienced crew of designers and skilled builders can transform your ideas into reality to create a paradise. Our horticulturists will work with you to install flowering plants, trees, grass, groundcovers, shrubs, and much more to complete your plantscape. When it comes to hardscapes, we design and install everything including walkways, driveways, fireplaces, decks, fountains, arbors, or any feature you can think of. We also specialize in installing outdoor lighting. Read More About Landscape Installation »

Landscape Maintenance

A well-designed and installed landscape requires ongoing maintenance to maintain its refreshing looks and functionality. From lawn care to garden care, we take care of everything. Our experienced crew has the skills, knowledge, and equipment required to give your landscape the persistent manicured look it deserves. We take care of everything including mowing, trimming, spraying, hedging, mulching, seasonal flowers, and more. Our services also include periodic and on-demand gutter cleaning to prevent drainage issues on your property. Besides, we also offer sodding, fertilization, pruning, leaf removal, snow removal, and similar services to keep your landscape in its peak condition. Read More About Landscape Maintenance »

Landscape Construction

Our landscape construction services cover all elements of your landscape including hardscaping and softscaping. We provide complete landscape construction solutions that include design and installation. We design and create features including patios, walkways, stonework features, retaining walls, decks, water features, and even landscape plantings. Our stonework solutions help you create the perfect outdoor living area of your dreams. We design and build everything from outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to barbeques and fire pits. Softscaping is an integral part of our landscape construction services. We can help you design the layout, select the plants, and install them while considering the irrigation and maintenance needs. Read More About Landscape Construction »


From creating your landscape’s foundation to preventing drainage issues, our grading services help bring the best out of your landscape. Whatever elements you may want to add to your landscape, grading plays the key role by leveling or sculpting the land and preparing it for those elements. We also provide grading services to slope the land and channel the water flow. Our services also help prevent land erosion. Our experienced and professional crew knows the science that goes behind effective grading to help deliver customized solutions for each landscaping project. Our grading services also help create surfaces for outdoor activities, play, and entertainment, defined edges, and to increase privacy. Read More About Grading »


We provide earthwork services to meet your unique demands, ranging from optimizing the outdoor space to adding new features. Whether it is for construction or planting, we have the right experience for preparing the earth and foundation. The quality of earthwork affects your project and its longevity. Our services include clearing, excavation, leveling, and building a solid foundation. We can not only complete the job properly, but we also know the right time for optimal results. We have all the right equipment, resources, experience, and skills required to handle all types of earthwork problems including lack of topsoil, compacted soil, and erosion. Read More About Earthwork »


We have the equipment, experience, expertise, and resources required to complete all sizes and scales of site work. Our site work solutions include grading or leveling, debris removal, demolition, and bobcat services, among others. Safety is a priority for all our projects. Therefore, all site work projects involve planning and safety assessment before we begin. We can also coordinate with the utility companies when our job involves excavation. Our experienced and licensed crew keeps you in the loop at all stages of the project. The types of site work services that we can offer include complete site preparation, land clearing and grading, reshaping, stumps removal, tree clearing, site development, and much more. Read More About Sitework »

We are a full-service landscaping company that covers everything from softscaping to hardscaping to excavation and grading services. If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us today. Give us a call at 828-443-0506 or send us your queries using this Online Form.