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Site Work

Site Work, Morganton, NC We at Slope Solutions & Landscape provide complete site work services for residential and commercial properties in Morganton, NC, and the surroundings. You can expect professional and affordable services for projects of all sizes. Our experienced and skilled crew is equipped with all the latest equipment, tools, and dump trucks required to handle site work jobs. We service Marion, Black Mountain, Lenoir, and the surrounding towns and cities.

Our Site Work Services

As a full-service landscaping company, we bring a unique approach to our site work services. Some of the key areas that we cover as part of our service include:

  • Leveling or Grading: From flattening an unsightly slope to grading the soil, we can deliver your desired results. Equipped with the right heavy equipment, we can handle the most complicated land grading and leveling tasks efficiently and safely.
  • Debris Removal: Removing debris and tree stumps is essential for proper site work and preparation. Do you have lots of debris littering your property due to a natural calamity? You may recently have had the trees cut on your property.
  • Demolition: Properties often have structures that need to be removed for new projects. Our experienced crew can provide demolition services to take down worn-out or unwanted structures.
  • Bobcat Services: Using various equipment including bobcat tractors, we can remove old driveways, patios, foundations, and sidewalks.

Ensuring Safe Site Work

We understand the importance of experience, planning, and safety when handling site work projects. As our job can also include excavation work, we will contact your utility company to mark all underground utilities before starting the work. This is important to prevent any kind of potential incidents or damages to your property or to our crew.

Our crew works closely with our clients that include homeowners, commercial property owners, builders, architects, and other contractors. From our specialized experience, we understand the importance of quality communication to successful projects. This is why we encourage our clients to be involved from the early stages of planning and permit to the final site walk for review.

Our Services

You may be a homeowner planning to make a minor addition to your property or a builder seeking to complete a development project. Choose us for any of your site work requirements. Some of the common site work projects that we handle include:

  • Total site preparation
  • Land grading or reshaping
  • Land clearing & grading
  • Site development
  • Stumps removal
  • Tree clearing
  • Ledge removal
  • Backhoe/demolition services

We are a fully licensed and insured landscaping company in Morganton, NC that offers much more than just softscaping and hardscaping services. We also provide landscape construction, grading, earthwork, and excavator services, among others. No project is too big or too small for us. No two properties, projects, or clients are the same. We can provide customized services and solutions based on your unique needs and property. Contact us today to discuss your needs and options by giving us a call at 828-443-0506. You may also reach Slope Solutions & Landscape by sending your queries through this Online Form.