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Stone Work

Stone Work Property owners in Morganton and nearby North Carolina areas who wish to make their property stand out should contact Slope Solutions & Landscapes today. We have the expertise required to handle various stone work projects with utmost expertise and passion for excellence.

Stone Works by the Experts

A stone work specifically refers to the use of natural stones in masonry works or structures. Aside from concrete, natural stones are also highly favored by builders, contractors, and stone masons because of their sturdy nature and inherent aesthetic appeal.

Accordingly, our company has in-house experts in various stone works such as:

  • Driveways. These days, driveways are not strictly made of poured concrete alone. As it is, more and more driveways all over the state of North Carolina are being constructed out of sturdy and attractive natural stones. For driveways, stone pavers are the material of choice because they are durable, permeable, attractive, and low-maintenance.

  • Walkways. Walkways made of natural stones such as pavers and cobblestones provide an exquisite appeal to any property. With the various textures and designs available, it’s easy to achieve a specific look and feel using natural stones.

  • Patios. Granite, marble, and pavers are great materials for patios. Our stone work experts can build Italian-inspired or contemporary patio complete with amenities such as fountains and sitting walls for utmost appeal and convenience.

  • Decks. Whether it’s a pool deck or a viewing deck, the right natural stone choice can turn any plain looking deck into a thing of absolute beauty and safety. For pool decks, permeable pavers are recommended for safety purposes, while viewing decks will be ideal when made of bluestone or limestone.

  • Gazebos. Gazebos are typically constructed with poured concrete, but for a sophisticated appeal, marble or granite would be very ideal materials to use. We can make circular, hexagonal, or semi-circular gazebo that can either be the open type or fitted with screen for protection and privacy.

  • Sitting walls. Among the great additions to any outdoor area are sitting walls. These walls can be built around or near a fire pit or fireplace, a swimming pool, a garden, a waterfall or pond, and elsewhere. They can be made of marble or granite depending on the aesthetic needs and the working budget of the client.

  • Retaining walls. Retaining walls prevent soil from eroding in case of an earthquake or heavy rains. They are generally made of concrete but can also be constructed using boulders, stone blocks, and other sturdy natural stones. When installed by experts, they can actually enhance a property’s beauty tremendously.

Stone Work Aside from these stone work projects, we can also install stone veneers to serve as wall cladding and as accent pieces to various stone creations. We use thin stone veneers for ease of installation and we have different colors and textures for optimum design flexibility.

All of our stone work projects are handled by expert stone masons who work closely with our design team to ensure that every detail requested by our clients is followed. With our materials supplied by trusted partners, we can assure our clients that they will have stone structures that are not only great-looking but also very sturdy.

So whether you’re from Asheville, Spruce Pine, Marion, Valdese, and other areas close to our Morganton office, we can surely reach you and provide your needed stone work assistance. Call us now.